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While these dynamics may have changed and will continue to change and the budgets to support the employee and family may have decreased, the fact still remains that these families require assistance to successfully transition, professionally and personally, into the host culture. Ever since Germany established its first Social Security system in 1889, the public retirement insurance has been "pay-as-you-go", with the current pensions of the retired paid from the current premiums of the not yet retired.That being said, the question remains: Has the support provided to the expatriate and family changed and developed in line and with the same speed with the changing dynamics of today's expatriate assignment? Currently about 85% of the work force is enrolled in the Public Retirement Insurance (gesetzliche Rentenversicherung GRV).Furniture rental/leasing services have been a big help to many in the US. There are dozens of categorized listings that include companies, churches, schools and other organizations that offer products and services to Expats in Germany. It can run from €164 to €195 per child per month, and is usually made by a fund transfer into a German bank account. It is hard to think back to an age before the Internet.Keeping in touch with friends and family in faraway lands is rarely a problem, as most of the world’s countries have Internet access.The German education system is different in many ways from the ones in Anglo-Saxon countries, but it produces high- performing students.Although education is a function of the federal states, and there are differences from state to state, some generalizations are possible. In Germany, insurance is a good thing to have -- health insurance and liability insurance for motor vehicles is mandatory.

Websites such as Facebook, My Space, or Twitter have enabled people to share information, ideas and events.

And, since the student body is usually quite international, they expose the young people to a variety of cultures.

They also do a better job than most German schools of introducing the students to computers, and the program of sports and extracurricular activities is more like what they are accustomed to at home. German public education makes it possible for qualified kids to study up to university level, regardless of their families' financial status.

But there are many rules and regulations to observe. Hostels Provide A Youthful Take on Good, Clean, Affordable Accommodations.

But they aren't the only budget accommodations available for travellers.

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