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, and about what was like to be a public figure with a secret.

Do you ever wish you had come out or been more open about your sexuality even earlier?

Now that you've filmed your first season, have your fears been confirmed, or has everyone been more welcoming than you'd expected?

It wasn't as though we weren't already getting attacks, so it was just more of the same once the show came out.

Whatever it was that was intimidating me or that I thought was scary or gross is actually not," I think that's the best way to go about exacting change.

Watch the show, and I think you will find that our family is just as ridiculous, as absurd, as dysfunctional, and as funny as everybody else's is.

It might not be the easiest path in the world, but there's a real freedom in authenticity and having the courage to be your authentic self.I would like boys and have a little boyfriend, and it would be great until things started to get physical, when I'd freeze up and not know what to do.I was like, Nowadays, kids are so much more accepting, but when I was in high school, it was a very different world. How did you end up coming out to your family and what was that like?Do you feel a lot of pressure to be a role model for the gay community?Ironically, I've often been attacked by the very same community that I am apparently representing.

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