Jquery html usdating existing javascript function Ero video

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Since our widget is going to display data on the host page as HTML, there is probably no need to use an intermediate format such as XML or JSON to get data from our server.We can directly get HTML and update the content of the widget container using that HTML.Let’s say our widget is going to display a list of headlines.The server can output a chunk of HTML such as: If the host page was located in the same domain we could just use regular AJAX (or to be pedantic in this case AHAH) to get this HTML and update the DOM. Call this on the DOM ready event (the plugin will automatically update on window load). Also see the Data API below for a simple, alternative inline usage.

Instead of waiting for the whole document to be ready, only check for the presence of DOM elements or other Java Script objects that your widget depends on.The variables we create in our functions won’t interfere with the rest of the page.Here is a simple example using this technique: If your widget will use a fair amount of Java Script, you’ll likely want to use a Java Script framework such as j Query.Luckily, there is a way around this: browsers allow to use script tags to include scripts from other domains.We can use this open door to get data from our server using a simple technique known as JSONP.

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