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The Zulus burn all of the belongings of the deceased to prevent the evil spirits from even hovering in the vicinity.Some tribes would set up a ring of fire around the bodies of their dead to singe the wings of the spirits and prevent them from attacking other members of the community.Numbers 5:2 In old Persian scriptures, a similar taboo is expressed.Anyone who touched a dead body was "powerless in mind, tongue, and hand." This paralysis was inflicted by the evil spirits which were associated with the dead body.Herodotus tells us that the Calatians ate their own dead.It was considered a sacred honor and duty of the family.

Self-mutilation, such as the cutting off of toes or fingers was another type of sacrificial sign of respect for the deceased.

He eventually attributed many life events to his instinctive knowledge of a higher being or power.

In his primitive mind, live and death events were the acts of spirits.

In Japan, it was the custom to insist that twenty or thirty slaves commit Hara Kiri at the death of a nobleman. Modern Funeral Customs We would like to think that in these modern times, our state of enlightenment would have totally dispensed with such thinking, but such is not the case.

In Fiji it was considered correct for the friends of the deceased as well as his wives and slaves to be strangled. Even today, death is approached from a standpoint of fear.

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