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"Look at the opportunities for corruption," said Bottome.

"It creates a system that becomes unworkable." Venezuelan security forces are already trying to clamp down on rampant gasoline smuggling to neighboring Colombia and Brazil.

hk ab GMT January 22, 2007 Reply I think dlr/cad gave us some clues on crude during early NY session. investors are repatriating their investments in the short term, due to the euro/dollar rate which is leading to a pause in the European... Analysts also say it will be difficult to enforce different gasoline prices for residential and commercial clients, as Chavez has suggested.

Robert Bottome, the editor of Veneconomia said that dividing gasoline consumers into different price groups could turn into a logistical nightmare as Venezuelans hustle to get subsidized gasoline.those miserable spikes on dlr/cad are not without any reason. Syd GMT January 22, 2007 Reply Canada Morning: C$ Lower As USD Strengthens Broadly TORONTO The Canadian dollar is lower in subdued trading Monday morning as the U. Venezuelans have come to view cheap gasoline as a birthright. The move could compensate for falling oil export prices, but could also accelerate inflation in a country suffering from double-digit consumer price growth.Speaking on Sunday, Chavez said car owners will have to pay higher gasoline prices, while the state will continue subsidizing public transportation and food transporters."Costs don't have to increase at all, because this is what he who has a BMW or a fantastic truck will have to pay," said Chavez on Sunday.

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