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A primary instability both physical and emotional was his continual wandering from court to court in search of a living and a home, and then the battle to retain any position gained against a background of capricious patronage or political intrigue.Time and again, railing against the pressures faced by the itinerant singer he became, he reveals his yearning for the security and identity of a settled home.Walther s position both within the court and outside it involved not only the writing of words, but also the composing of music to accompany them, and then the crucial performing of both in a song before an audience, of whatever degree of sophistication.The single contemporary document to mention his name characterises him significantly as Waltherus Cantor Walther the Singer.Its closest equivalent in English is probably alas ; but to translate it as such is to invoke a sense of archaic quaintness far removed from the force of the original German. These three illustrations show the problems of diction that Walther s language raises.Either the German word is rich and multi-layered (triuwe) and needs to be made more specific in English, or the German word is, by contrast, more specifying and focussed (milte) than its equivalent in English, or the original word (owê) seems stronger and more resonant than its pale, rather formulaic equivalent in translation.

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Introduction Chronology A Note on the Text PARALLEL TEXT Notes Further Reading and Links a miniature of Walther from the Weingartner Liederhandschrift, dating from about The illustration perfectly reproduces the position and attitude of the contemplative observer that Walther describes in 'Ich saz uf eime steine' ['I sat upon a rock'].To take another example, the word milte, which is both noun and adjective, is often translated as generosity/generous.But in modern usage, the word evokes a far more universal and democratic attribute than it would ever have done in Walther s time.Conversely, if the world was perceived as structured and patterned, why should not its poetic articulation embrace a similar shape?From this broader perspective, rhyme is something much more than aesthetic decoration. Part of the very meaning of Walther s text inheres in the fact that it rhymes.

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