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But the biggest problem is the song that the NFL originally nixed for their Pro Bowl halftime show -- "Schizophrenic's" lead single, "Some Girls (Dance With Women)." In the wake of Timberlake's metamorphosis from boy-band moppet to of-age crooner capable of delivering a "Cry Me a River," the release of "Some Girls (Dance With Women)" as a single was obviously aimed to provoke.

Those yearning parentheses in the song title, the dimly lit yet flesh-heavy music video, the way that the words "Some girls dance with wommmennnn" slither out of Chasez's mouth on the chorus -- this was engineered to be Chasez's "Dirrty" moment, but, damn, the song sure could have used a Redman verse.

Former "Mickey Mouse Club" members who had known each other in their tween years, Chasez and Timberlake were the undisputed leaders of the biggest boy band in the world: listen to "Bye Bye Bye," for instance, and notice how the lead single of the group's most successful album was basically comprised of the same two members swapping verses and pre-chorus bridges before settling back into the ranks of their collective on the chorus.Justin Timberlake's 10 Best 'SNL' Sketches With all apologies to Joey Fatone, Lance Bass and Chris Kirkpatrick, the un-ironic "Who's your favorite member of *N SYNC?" debate within the early-2000s confines of suburban middle school hallways typically boiled down to two dudes: JC and Justin.What this rumor is really about is not Nate’s confusion about his sexuality, it is about America’s confusion over members of N’Sync. Starting with Joey Fatone in 2004, the NSYNC members have made opulent wedding watching a sport — with each NSYNC wedding growing in extravagance.

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